July 6, 2016

The Prophetic Revolution

May 8, 2014

How to Hear the Voice of God

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May 7, 2014

How to Stir the Gift of Prophecy

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Writer’s bio

B ishop O. Reid, aka "Bishop Ball of Fire" is the senior pastor of Harvest Army God's Revival Arena in Brooklyn, New York. He is married to Pastor Guerline Reid and have three children. Bishop O. Reid is one of the executive members of the Harvest Army Church International, and is the Executive Educator leading biblical education in the ministry worldwide. He holds a Bachelor in Biblical Studies and Leadership, a Masters of Arts in Education, and has completed Post-Graduate studies in Christian Education. He is currently pursuing a doctorate in Christian education. He has a passion for seeing every believer fully embrace their calling and purpose. He has written Creating Unbreakable Bonds and No More Whacky Worship.


  • A treasure for these end times, The Prophetic Revolution is a timely resource for every Christian, church leader and the Body of Christ collectively. Fostering the prophetic, this gift opens the eyes of Believers to God’s prophetic call in their lives. As a useful tool, The Prophetic Revolution guides church leaders in empowering and leading their churches into the prophetic. This asset will no doubt mobilize the Body of Christ into manifestations of the prophetic plunging the church into a prophetic revolution!
  • Amazing. God-led writing, a major blessing to the Body of Christ, which time has come.
  • As a believer, I feel that we need to know the power of the Holy Ghost. From the minute I started reading the book my eyes opened to how much more we can achieve and do through the unction of the Holy Spirit. The book is very clear and easy to understand. The scriptures support the points in the book very well.  One night while I was in church, a Bishop visiting from Niger preached a sermon “What Vision is driving your Life?” The Holy Spirit came upon me so strong that I could not stop speaking in tongues. However, I did not prophesy that night. But after reading this book there is an urge in my spirit to prophesy. This book finally helped me to understand that any believer can prophesy and that prophesying is as easy as speaking in tongues.  I would recommend this book to Pastors so that they can empower their congregants to prophecy, to new believers so that they can fully experience the power of the Holy Ghost, to the old and to the young in Christ. I am looking forward to another informative read from Bishop Reid.